Compare 6 travel-friendly CPAP devices side by side. Click on the thumbnail above or “TravelCPAP2017” to view the full matrix at a legible size, download it, or print it. Sleep Review‘s matrix compares features such as dimensions, weight, noise level, interface compatibility, operating pressure range, operating modes, features, warranty, and additional information for the following devices: Drive Devilbiss Healthcare IntelliPAP2 CPAP System, Human Design Medical Z1 CPAP and Z1 AUTO, Philips DreamStation Go, ResMed AirMini, and Somnetics International Transcend miniCPAP Auto.

A version of this comparison guide is published in the June/July 2017 issue.

The dimension limit is less than 40 cm for length + width + height. Information for this guide based on data submitted by product manufacturers. Sleep Review strives for accuracy in all data but cannot be held responsible for claims made by manufacturers. All travel-friendly CPAPs may not be included. Email sroy[at] to be considered for the next update.

Read Travel CPAPs Earn Their Wings, published online June 8, 2017.