The Guardian: A new study has pinpointed six key goals and a scoring system that parents can use as a roadmap to help their children get to sleep.

According to 59 UK experts including psychologists, dentists, public health specialists and other experts from education, health and sleep research, a scientifically defined “best practice” bedtime routine must include:

  • Brushing teeth before bed.
  • Time consistency for going to bed.
  • Book reading before bed.
  • Avoiding food/drinks before bed.
  • Avoiding use of electronic devices before bed.
  • Calming activities with the child before bed, including bath, shower and talking.

Parents need to achieve a score of over 50 points on the graded checklist, which tactfully takes parental stresses and difficulties into account as well as best practice and scientific advice.

“Bedtime routines are important family activities and have important implications on children’s wellbeing, development and health,” said Dr George Kitsaras, who led the study.

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