EClinicalHealth Limited, developers of Clinpal, the decentralized clinical trial platform, and Dreem, a sleep neurotech company, have completed a clinical trial validation study (Octave) and are embarking on the launch of a series of clinical trials in early 2019 as part of a partnership in the development of a research supporting the efficacy of the Dreem solutions.

Dreem is leveraging Clinpal in the support of research over a series of sleep studies based in Europe and the United States.

The Octave study leveraged the Clinpal technology to capture questionnaire data on tablets directly from patients at the site where they were undergoing an in-lab sleep study.

In 2019, Dreem’s focus is on independently confirming the efficacy of its solutions to measure, analyze, and improve sleep.

Dreem’s 2019 trials will be a series of remote and decentralized protocols that will include patient recruitment and electronic consent supported by Clinpal, as well as a seamless integration of the Dreem Coach (Dreem’s smartphone application) with the Clinpal App to capture patient questionnaires and to link their responses with sleep data captured through the Dreem Band.

Pierrick Arnal, scientific director at Dreem, says in a release, “We are delighted to partner with the eClinicalHealth team to conduct our new kind of remote, large-scale sleep studies for validating our solutions. It allows us to keep translating our technological development into concrete solutions that are clinically validated to be used widely by consumers.”

Karl Landert, CEO of eClinicalHealth, says, “We are delighted to partner with Dreem who are pioneers in their field. We will implement some of the most advanced features with our Clinpal platform to support direct to patient, decentralised, remote research in a series of insomnia trials as a trusted third party providing also virtual site support services.”