, a provider of online CPAP devices and supplies, is now open for business. Graymark Healthcare Inc, the second largest comprehensive sleep care provider in the United States, created the ecommerce site to offer obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients an online source for their CPAP devices and supplies.   

Graymark Healthcare Inc provides comprehensive OSA therapy in more than 90 communities, with board-certified sleep medicine physicians overseeing all aspects of care, including diagnosis, therapy, and ongoing clinical support. Through, Graymark Healthcare allows patients who know what machines or supplies they are looking for to benefit from Graymark’s experience in providing care and its purchasing power.

"Most obstructive sleep apnea patients have visited a doctor or sleep center and have used CPAP machines and masks before," says Timothy Lebens, vice president for marketing for "They don’t need a lot of hand-holding or medical direction because they have already been instructed in the proper use of the equipment. They will find they can order the exact same supplies online with a significant savings." is staffed by certified respiratory therapists who are available to answer customer questions from 7 AM to 7 PM. Offering customer support from knowledgeable medical professionals sets the company apart from other online suppliers, according to Lebens.

"Our objective is to provide optimum solutions for patients at the lowest cost. It is an easy, affordable, and reliable sleep disorder solution," he said. "We can provide the same products and services without having to provide the intensive level of care of a sleep center."

Lebens says carries the same high-quality masks, supplies, and machines as supplied by doctors or sleep centers, but the costs are much lower because it can provide the products more efficiently through the Internet. "People who already have a prescription and have visited a doctor or a sleep center are familiar with the mask and CPAP device options and they understand how to use the equipment. allows patients to purchase the same equipment without going back to a clinic." also reminds customers every 3 to 6 months that it is time to replace filters or tubes. The reminder makes it easy for patients to reorder or remember when they need new supplies.

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