ActiSleep Monitor

ActiGraph, Pensacola, Fla, introduces the new ActiSleep monitor—coming in early 2009. ActiGraph’s new monitor uses a digital, dual-axis accelerometer to collect and record nocturnal activity data. The ActiSleep monitor, in conjunction with the ActiSleep analysis program, can determine amount of sleep, frequency and duration of awakenings, sleep latency, and sleep efficiency. The ActiSleep monitor features a sleek and compact design, rechargeable battery, direct USB connection, and 4MB of flash memory. The ActiSleep monitor can be used to objectively determine sleep hygiene and to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of insomnia, circadian-rhythm disorders, RLS, PLMD, and other sleep disorders.

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Advanced Brain Monitoring Inc, Carlsbad, Calif, offers the ARES™ (Apnea Risk Evaluation System). The ARES provides a full-disclosure, fully editable recording, with automated detection of apneas and hypopneas independently validated against PSG using Medicare-AHI and Chicago-RDI criteria. The Level III model provides automated detection of sleep/wake; and a Level II model adds automated detection of REM and non-REM. Audio messages prompt the patient to adjust the device when required during use, providing a low HST failure rate.

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Embla, Broomfield, Colo, offers the Embletta® portable diagnostic PSG device. The Embletta fulfills the AASM’s recommendations for portable monitoring, with two RIP technology channels, as well as a thermistor and nasal pressure channel. The Embletta boasts more than a half million studies worldwide, and has been designated by the AASM for use in their landmark study on portable monitoring in the diagnosis and management of obstructive sleep apnea. In addition to featuring user-friendly software, the Embletta is useful for the direct measurement of sleep quality.

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Motionlogger Actigraphs

Ambulatory Monitoring Inc, Ardsley, NY, offers its line of Motionlogger Actigraphs for continuous, long-term sleep/wake monitoring of subjects in their natural environment. The new Micro Motionlogger Sleep Watch has an off-wrist detection feature that adds an LCD time-of-day display to the standard actigraph functions—eliminating the need for a person to wear both an actigraph and a wristwatch, and continuing to provide an 88% agreement to polysomnography. Motionlogger ActFAST Analysis Software couples all of the features of the Action W sleep estimation program with added information regarding the effects of one’s sleep history on performance level.

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Grass Technologies, West Warwick, RI, offers the SleepTrek®3 six-channel type III portable sleep screener. The SleepTrek3 is compact, lightweight, and designed to screen patients in the comfort of their home. It is easy to set up, and following an overnight recording, the data is reviewed at the local sleep lab, where a comprehensive report and analysis of the study can be printed, using one of Grass’ software programs. SleepTrek3 records airflow, snoring, effort, body position, oxygen saturation, and pulse rate. Its internal rechargeable battery records more than 12 hours of data. SleepTrek3 is supplied with sensors, a wearable pouch, a home carry case, and a rechargeable battery.

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BRAEBON MediByte Screener

BRAEBON Medical Corp, Ogdensburg, NY, offers the new BRAEBON MediByte Screener—a small level 3 home sleep testing device. Designed to exceed new guidelines, it records all the essential respiratory signals required: Spo2, pulse rate, pressure flow, snoring, thermal flow, RIP chest effort, RIP abdomen effort, SUM, and body position. The MediByte also contains patent-pending technology whereby it can be easily set up to collect additional signals such as high-speed snoring audio, ECG, or EMG for PLMs. The MediByte comes with everything needed to get started, including a rugged carrying case.

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Actiwatch 2

Philips Respironics, Murrysville, Pa, offers the Actiwatch 2 ambulatory device. The Actiwatch 2 incorporates improved aesthetics and many advanced features to help make it efficient for sleep clinicians to set up the system, gain user compliance, and reliably collect and download sleep/wake data. The device provides 24/7 wearability and can be used to analyze circadian rhythms, automatically collect and score data for sleep parameters, and assess activity in any instance where quantifiable analysis of physical motion is needed. The Actiwatch 2 incorporates an ambient light sensor and an automated rest algorithm.

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