Children Suffer Insomnia Too

A study from the National Sleep Foundation found an estimated 45% of adolescents in the US don’t get enough sleep and many suffer insomnia, reports the McPherson Sentinel.

Quantified-self Technologies Set to Transform Personal Health

The market for quantified-self technologies—apps that enable people to track and quantify aspects of their daily lives—is currently in the embryonic stage. However, explosive growth is expected in coming years as many companies successfully complete crowd sourcing activities for funding, an indication of the high interest the domain has generated.


Taking Sleep Public

Wayne Giles, MD, director of the CDC’s Division of Population Health, is advancing government recognition of the importance of sufficient sleep and support for sleep as a pillar of public health.

snooze button

57% of Americans Hit the Snooze Button

More than half (57%) of Americans are snoozers, according to a study by French tech firm Withings, with results showing we spend a total of 3.5 months of our lives hitting the snooze button.

PTSD sleep

Fragmented REM Sleep May Hinder PTSD Treatment

The effectiveness of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment may hinge significantly upon sleep quality, report researchers in a paper published in the Journal of Neuroscience.