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Simmons Uses Technology to Sell Mattresses

Simmons Bedding Company is set to launch a three-part in-store tech package dedicated to helping its retail employees simplify and streamline the sell and eliminate the mystery in the mattress purchase.

7 Reasons To Turn Off The Netflix And Just Go To Sleep Already

This list from The Huffington Post explains 7 reasons to avoid exposure to light at night and simply go to sleep. You may be able to use it while discussing the importance of sleep with your patients. The reasons include fertility, weight gain, stress, and more.


Sleeping on the Job: The Rise of Nap Pods

They look futuristic, like something out of The Jetsons. But nap pods, shiny spheres encapsulating chairs with long, horizontal leg rests attached, are cropping up at more and more businesses and universities across the US and the globe.