How Gut Bacteria Affect Brain Health

The hundred trillion bacteria living in an adult human—mostly in the intestines, making up the gut microbiome—have a significant impact on behavior and brain health.


In Drosophila, Memory-Consolidating DPM Neurons Linked to Sleep

Scientists have long known that sleep, memory, and learning are deeply connected. Most animals, from flies to humans, have trouble remembering when sleep deprived, and studies have shown that sleep is critical in converting short-term into long-term memory, a process known as memory consolidation.

Minerva Sees Positive Phase 1 Data for MIN-202 for Insomnia

Minerva Neurosciences Inc’s preliminary results from a Phase 1 clinical study showed that treatment with MIN-202, a selective orexin-2 antagonist, resulted in significant improvements in sleep onset and sleep duration in patients with comorbid insomnia related to major depressive disorder (MDD).