Research Advances Sleep Apnea Testing for Children

New research shows that an immunoassay can detect a peptide in urine that is increased in children with sleep apnea. The test could provide a psychologically easier way to determine if a child has sleep apnea, an alternative to spending the night in a sleep clinic.

Ergoresearch Announces Monetization Transaction of Neurostimulation Sleep Apnea Technology

Canada-based Ergoresearch Ltd, which designs and manufactures technologies for the orthopedic industry, announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Victhom Laboratory Inc received a net royalty payment of $590,000. That represents its share of the net proceeds generated by the monetization transaction of the sleep apnea technology completed by its German partner Otto Bock Healthcare.

How Does Sleep Affect Your Face? (Video)

BuzzFeed Blue took four individuals who admitted to not getting enough sleep and had a makeup artist show them how they would look in 20 years if they continued not sleeping enough.

More Than 420 Prescriptions Written for Hetlioz

“We are encouraged by the early positive reception of Hetlioz by patients, physicians, and payors. We look forward to more patients benefiting from Hetlioz in the coming months and years,” says Mihael Polymeropoulos MD, president and CEO of Vanda Pharmaceuticals, in a release about the company’s second quarter 2014 results.