Patent Approved for Sleep Apnea Mask with Adjustable Facial Contour

Sleepnea LLC, a developer of new treatment options for sleep apnea, has received approval of a US patent for a CPAP mask that a person can custom fit to the contours of their face. The mask lets a wearer selectively adjust shape-changing segments around the perimeter of the mask, helping to reduce or eliminate places around the mask perimeter that either fit too tightly or fit too loosely. This mask technology is not yet approved by the FDA.

“Some people who would benefit from wearing a CPAP mask cannot tolerate wearing one,” said Sleepnea’s CEO, Robert A. Connor, PhD. “We are excited about the potential of our newly patented technology to create next-generation masks that more people can tolerate because they can be custom fitted to their unique facial contours. We are pursuing its development with the hope that it will provide physicians and patients with new treatment options for OSA. We welcome inquiries from parties to potentially collaborate with us in its development, prototyping, and testing in order to bring it to market to benefit people with OSA.”