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News Story #849

Ambulatory EEG Recorder Grass-Telefactor Product Group, Astro-Med Inc, West Warwick, RI, introduces AURA24™, a 28-channel amplifier system that can record 24 hours of data, which are stored on a removable CompactFlash® memory card. Engineered


News Story #837

Patient Handbook Unravels Mysteries of Sleep Apnea; A Complete Guide to Starting a Sleep Center


News Story #836

Sleep Review interviews Svanbjorn Thoroddsen andVyto Kab of SleepTech Solutions; Takaaki Saito,business development manager of Konica Minolta Photo Imaging USA; and Brian Long, sleep productmanager for VIASYS Healthcare.


News Story #834

Educational Institutes Honor Respironics Founder Gerald E. McGinnis, who founded Respironics in 1976 and today serves as chairman of the board, recently received two awards for his entrepreneurial commitment and spirit. In February, McGinnis was


News Story #833

State Considers Stiffer Sentences for Sleep-Deprived Drivers Nearly 2 years after Amy Huther’s fiancĂ©, 37-year-old Army Major Robert Raneri, was killed in an accident caused by a driver who had not slept in 24 hours, Huther and Raneri’s