A research study suggests neural activity in the emotional processing network of the brain may lead to cataplexy, according to Brain Decoder.
Howard Tseng is the creator of Airway Fit, a training program he says can cure snoring and mild sleep apnea, as reported by The Vancouver Sun.
A DO tells U.S. News & World Report's audience how to cope with common sleep disorders.
Van Winkle's spoke to author Andy Weir about how someone would rest comfortably on Mars and why astronauts really need white noise machines.
In which cities in the United Kingdom do residents sleep the most and the least? The Bristol Post reports.
A US News & World Report explores whether or not it is safe for children to take melatonin to sleep.
According to the Daily Mail, new smartphone apps are available that aim to transform the blue light emitted from electronic devices for better sleep.
CPAP benefits
A study in the Journal of Neurophysiology supports the use of CPAP as a sleep apnea treatment, finding that it reverses the health changes that result in cardiovascular disease if the disorder is left untreated.
sleep technology
Sixty percent of sleep technology owners say they’re more aware of their sleep patterns, according to the results of a consumer research study released today at the inaugural Sleep Technology Summit & Expo in Santa Clara, Calif.
senior coffee
A survey of sleep patterns and habits by Sleep Health Foundation, an Australia-based advocate for sleep health, has revealed consumption of caffeine and alcohol increases steadily with age.
According to The Huffington Post, emerging research suggests that subjecting oneself to consistent jet lag can have significant consequences for health due to the disruption in circadian rhythms.
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a miniature gas sensor that can be connected to mobile devices such as smartphones. VTT says sleep quality will be measurable with greater precision, using mobile healthcare applications that gauge carbon dioxide quantities.
Patients with combat-related PTSD and obstructive sleep apnea had worse quality of life and sleep-related symptoms, according to Healio.
The Forsyth Medical Center in North Carolina has expanded its sleep center, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.
A report from the Psychiatric Times examines sleep disorders and dementia, including assessment and interventions.
andre iguodala
According to The Huffington Post, Andre Iguodala of the Golden State Warriors partially attributes his success on the court to sleep and changing and analyzing his sleeping habits.
breathing disorders
The University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health and School of Medicine investigators will be leading a $15 million, 5-year federal initiative to manage national clinical trials aimed at developing new treatments for breathing disorders. The effort is funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
weight gain
Teenagers and adults who go to bed late on weeknights are more likely to gain weight than their peers who hit the hay earlier, according to a study from the University of California, Berkeley, that has found a correlation between sleep and body mass index.
A team of scientists from Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore (Duke-NUS) and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor have discovered a molecular switch that regulates the body's circadian clock and allows it to keep time. This switch could be a potential drug target to treat circadian rhythm disorders caused by jet lag, shift work, or metabolic disorders.
An ingenious questionnaire with a high predictive value may improve OSA treatment times, according to a study published in Chest.