Contributing founders Rob Rogers, DMD, DABDSM, and Mary Beth Rogers mark the 25th anniversary of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.
dentist physician
Surprising misperceptions a Diplomate has come across when talking to sleep physicians, sleep technologists, and CPAP providers.
Compare and contrast 17 home sleep testing (HST) products with our online comparison guide where key features are categorized and compared side-by-side.
According to the Daily Mail, a third of flight attendants interviewed for a new study use sleeping pills once a week and a majority reported trouble with sleep.
A writer and standup comedian shares a story of insomnia and alcoholism with The Influence.
Arianna Huffington’s Sleep Revolution Starts at Home
Arianna Huffington's new book, “The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time” (Harmony), is a call to bed, reports The New York Times.
New boss for Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
The new chief executive of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare will take a steady as she goes approach, reports Radio New Zealand.
The think tank Terra Nova says French businesses should encourage their staff to take an after lunch nap to boost productivity, reports the National Post.
The Missing Pillar of Health & Navigating Private Exchanges
HealthCare Consumerism Radio features Jeffrey Durmer, MD, PhD, co-founder and chief medical officer, FusionHealth, who speaks about sleep in corporate wellness initiatives.
Dentist Dr Al-Jewair says dental students should be taught about OSA before they get out in the field, and dentists should be educated about the major role they play in identifying and treating patients with sleep-related disorders, reports The Morning Star.
A report from The Huffington Post discusses the efforts being made by the United States army to improve sleep and health.
An Ithaca College study said cell phone use among college students is affecting the quality of their sleep, reports
Using machine learning, EnsoData created their product EnsoSleep, which helps doctors better collect data for patients with sleep disorders, reports WPR.
A study says months after a concussion or other traumatic brain injury, you may sleep more hours, but the sleep isn't restorative, reports NPR.
Lizards, Too, May Sleep in Stages
The New York Times reports that sleep stages of bearded dragons are similar to those of humans, according to a new study that surprised researchers.
According to USA Today, a new study from Jawbone examined the sleep habits of college students at more than 100 colleges in the US.
jacob degrom
In a New York Daily News report, professional baseball player Jacob deGrom discusses the apnea health scare he experienced with his newborn baby.
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and Senator Charles E. Schumer this month announced the expansion of a successful sleep apnea testing program for MTA employees.
Fisher & Paykel expand molding in Mexico, warehouse in US
Fisher & Paykel has increased manufacturing capabilities in Mexico and expanded Kentucky warehousing, reports Plastics News.
Wake up the possibilities: AMH sleep lab helps Alton native prior to surgery
When Rodney Gillson went in for pre-op testing, the surgery center told him he'd need a sleep study before they could do the procedure, reports