Mother says newborn being moved back to ICU after slipping from nurse’s hands
Uniontown Hospital spokesperson says official status of nurse involved "remains under review" after she dropped a baby, reports WXPI.
In Australia, sleep is a topic of discussion this week, reports radio station 3AW.
Great Lakes Orthodontics was recently named as a finalist for the 2015 Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Association (BNBEA) Awards.
While naps may be one of the main sources of energy this month, they should be limited as they could also be causing you to stay up late in the first place, reports Gulf News.
Poor sleep habits can have a negative effect on self-control, which presents risks to individuals’ personal and professional lives, according to Clemson University researchers.
The Mirror reports that a woman survived after sleepwalking more than a mile from her home to the beach in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, and waking up oceanside.
A Healio news report indicates that a study shows decreased function of intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells may impact glaucoma patients.
The Navy Times reports that Navy scientists are asking for more sleep and shorter watches for sailors.
An international team of researchers has found some of the first solid evidence that narcolepsy may be a so-called “hit-and-run” autoimmune disease.
REM sleep
Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep actively converts waking experiences into lasting memories and abilities in young brains, reports a study from Washington State University Spokane.
A good night's sleep has long been recommended to those who have experienced a traumatic event. But an Oxford University-led study provides preliminary experimental work suggesting it could actually be the wrong thing to do.
On Yahoo! Health, a writer shares her struggle as a woman to be taken seriously as a candidate for obstructive sleep apnea. She was eventually diagnosed with with mild OSA.
Studies find that what's normal in everyone else may not apply to older people, reports MedPage Today.
Amer Khan, MD, launched a sleep medicine practice that offer services that don't fit within the confines of a traditional medical practice, either because they weren’t billable to third-party payors or because providers cut costs by contracting them out to third parties, reports The Sacramento Bee.
In Psychology Today, Michael J. Breus, PhD, sheds light on the question: Are separate bedrooms the answer for couples seeking better sleep?
Jack Stellpflug, DDS, has transitioned his practice from restorative dentistry to treatment of sleep apnea, reports Daily Citizen.
Struggling to Sleep in the Heat? This Trick Might Help... cites studies that suggest magnesium footbaths may help with sleep.
Drive Medical has completed its largest acquisition to date, acquiring DeVilbiss Healthcare, effective July 2, 2015.
Each day, a loud car wakes up residents before 6:20 am and a neighborhood is trying to find a solution to their unwelcome wakeup calls, reports NBC2.
This Is Why Your Smartwatch Isn't Great For Tracking Your Sleep -- Yet
Smartwatches are packed with sensors so why can't they properly track sleep? Forbes reports.