The Globe and Mail shares an obstructive sleep apnea therapy success story (though someone needs to advise the patient that travel CPAPs for camping are available as well).
A "Take Care" segment examines the issue of pets sleeping in their owner's bed and why they may disturb sleep, as reported by WRVO.
Wired reports that Withings has partnered with Spotify to integrate music and user playlists into the Aura Sleep System.
A news report from the Observer details the new products and technology startup companies are introducing to improve sleep.
Sleeping pills for insomnia: Which ones work best?
A survey explores work and fatigue in the UK, revealing that one in three British people suffer insomnia due to stress at work.
For patients across the country, hospital noise, particularly at night, can be more than an annoyance. It can disturb sleep, cause blood pressure to rise, and negatively impact the healing process.
Billing and coding company Medical Practice Management Resources (MPMR) now offers services for more 20 medical specialties, including newly added services for sleep centers.
New attention is being paid to sleep as a cancer survivor issue and one that may significantly affect quality of life as well as health, reports CureToday.
sleep physicians
According to Yahoo! Health, a new study determines that sleep-deprived physicians perform just as well as well rested doctors.
Social interaction could be the mechanism that allows animals living in groups to synchronize their activities, whether it's huddling for warmth or offering protection from predators.
sleep timing
Washington State University (WSU) researchers have found that the timing of an animal's sleep can be just as important as how much sleeps it gets.
Why Your Doctor Won't Friend You On Facebook
NPR discusses the privacy issues associated with both doctor public and private social media pages.
A CNN news report examines different sleep issues and what they may indicate about a person's health.
A WCPO 9 news report indicates sleep-related deaths were a significant factor in the high infant mortality rate in Hamilton County, Ohio.
A Quartz report takes a comprehensive look at sleep deprivation and the accompanying research that shows we may be getting enough sleep after all.
Recent study results suggest that the rapid eye movements that occur in sleep are linked to visual processing rather than just physical activation or movement, reports The Conversation.
Eisai Inc  and Purdue Pharma LP have entered into a worldwide collaboration agreement for the development and commercialization of Eisai's clinical candidate lemborexant, a dual orexin receptor antagonist entering Phase III clinical development for the treatment of insomnia.
Facial plastic surgeon Haresh Yalamanchili, MD, says he has long believed in the power of rhinoplasty to improve a person's life in ways beyond the aesthetic, and now he's pleased to see recent news stories touting such benefits.
Heavy snorers are more at risk from sudden death from heart problems, but using pillows to raise chest to a 45° angle while sleeping cuts heart risk, reports The Daily Mail.
student loan debt
According to Reuters, black young adults may be more likely to lose sleep over student loan debt than other racial and ethnic groups.