brain and sleep
USC Dornsife neuroscientists and USC Viterbi engineers are trying to uncover what happens in the brain during sleep, as reported by Medical Xpress.
A report from The Daily Chronic indicates that patients with sleep disorders have found relief from the ingestion of different strains of cannabis.
According to Medical Xpress, a new study shows that new mothers are not receiving vital advice from physicians on infant care, including safe sleep tips.
A news report from The Telegraph explores the impact of sleep on memory.
New research documents that acupuncture and herbs are effective in the relief of insomnia, as reported by HealthCMi.
An Allure magazine report notes that changing sleep patterns may help reduce anxiety.
A USA Today report examines the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia and the studies that support the use of this therapy for treatment.
Brugarolas Award
Rita Brugarolas and Jose Manuel Valero-Sarmiento, ASSIST PhD students in Electrical Engineering and research assistants in the iBionics Laboratory at North Carolina State University, conceived a novel idea: an auto-titrating oral appliance for at home use.
Sleep apnea patients and sleep physicians speak to Everyday Health.
Ariana Parade Cover
Parade talks to hard-driving Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington about why she believes sleep is the secret to her success.
Resurrection plants
A news report from All Africa indicates that scientists have endorsed the Resurrection plant for improving sleep quality and overall well-being in patients with cancer.
A Forbes report examines the issue of sleep health and its impact on the workplace.
Chronic insomnia can inflict significant damage to skin tissues, from premature aging to disorders such as eczema, as reported by Pro Health.
According to IGN, Nintendo has filed a patent for its upcoming sleep monitor device as it moves forward with its new "quality of life" initiative.
bedside monitoring
The bedside data-acquisition software of The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University will be commercialized by a recently formed startup company, MediCollector LLC.
The Toledo Blade published an obituary for Joseph I. Shaffer, a psychologist and longtime University of Toledo faculty member who was a pioneer in treating sleep disorders.
An EmpowHER report examines the science behind snoring.
A New York magazine news report provides a closer look at what it's like to have sleep paralysis.
The Baltimore City Health Department reports a decrease in the number of sleep-related infant deaths since its 2010 educational campaign, according to The Baltimore Sun.
clock genes
Swedish researchers at Uppsala University and the Karolinska Institute have found that genes that control the biological clocks in cells throughout the body are altered after losing a single night of sleep.