Compare 8 actigraphy devices side by side.
Technology needs to switch gears from trying to compensate for drowsy drivers’ failings to predicting drowsy driving before the car’s ignition even ignites.
dental hygienist sleep medicine
Dentists are growing in awareness about the role they can play in the treatment of sleep apnea, but it's important to note that dental hygienists can save lives, too!
There was a significant increase in the use of melatonin among children, from 0.1% in 2007 to 0.7% in 2012, according to a National Health Statistics Report (No 78) released on February 10, 2015.
Patient volume growth improves, HST use increases, and APAP use decreases slightly, according to Sleep Review’s semi-annual survey.
Cressey & Company LP, a healthcare-focused private investment firm, has made a majority investment in Dental Services Group (DSG), a full-service dental laboratory network.
The bedmaking industry in the UK is focusing on the science of sleep and integrating new technology and innovations to sell beds, as reported by The Financial Times.
brain GPS
Navigational brain cells that help sense direction are as electrically active during deep sleep as they are during wake time—and have visual and vestibular cues to guide them, say researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center.
sleep side
Could something as simple as picking the right side of the bed or facing or not facing your partner actually make a difference in how Americans sleep?
Milan-based Sorin SpA, a global medical device company that specializes in cardiovascular disease treatment, and Houston-based Cyberonics Inc, a medical device company with core expertise in neuromodulation, will merge.
A new poll by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) finds that pain is a key factor in the gap between the amount of sleep Americans say they need and the amount they're getting—an average 42 minute sleep debt for those with chronic pain and 14 minutes for those who've suffered from acute pain in the past week.
Studies have found that sleeping with pets may disrupt the pet owner's sleep. So Pet Perch is developing a product that secures to a pet owner's bed and allows the pets a space of their own, which its creators say solves a fundamental problem faced by pet owners who co-sleep with their furry companions.
Americans are ready and willing to leverage health apps and wearable devices to improve their personal health, according to the findings from the Fifth Annual Makovsky/Kelton "Pulse of Online Health" survey.
When patients’ restless legs syndrome symptoms worsen, Mark Buchfuhrer, MD, doesn’t increase the dose of dopamine agonists. His approach takes patients off the typical first-line therapy entirely.
The podcast "Sleep With Me" intentionally gets more boring the longer you listen, reports Fast Company.
Several studies have linked sleep apnea and fatty liver disease, reports The New York Times in response to a reader question.
Equinox Fitness is sponsoring a University of California clinical trial on the effect of sleep coaching on heart-rate variability, as reported by Fast Company.
The Times Herald-Record reports that Bon Secours Community Hospital in New York has opened a new sleep lab.
Sleep medicine subspecialist W. Chris Winter has found a niche coaching professional athlete's on how to gain a competitive advantage via sleep, reports The Huffington Post.
Medication could put you over the new drug-drive limit
In the UK, patients on insomnia medications should carry their prescriptions with them to reduce the risk of being prosecuted under a new drug-drive limit, reports The Daily Mail.