Research News

Researchers Determine Key Element in Circadian Clock Speed

In a discovery that may lead to new treatments for sleep disorders, jet lag, and other health problems tied to circadian rhythms, researchers at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine have identified a determinant of the circadian clock’s period. Their findings appear in the January 29 issue of Science magazine.

Industry News

Led By Domestic Neurology Business, Natus Sees Record Growth

“I am very pleased with our fourth quarter results as we achieved record revenues and earnings. Both our neurodiagnostic and newborn care businesses performed well in the quarter led by outstanding performance in our domestic neurology business,” says Jim Hawkins, Natus Medical president and CEO, in a release.


Case Reports

Sleep Improves, Structures Infant Memory

While infants sleep, they are reprocessing what they have learned. Working with researchers from the University of Tübingen, scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, Germany, have discovered that babies of the age 9 to 16 months remember the names of objects better if they had a short nap.



Freedom from CPAP Book

A book written by a board-certified ENT and a dentist specializing in sleep apnea treatment is a new resource for patients who are interested in options other than CPAP to treat their sleep apnea.



Whole Health Dentistry Book

Namrita Singh, DMD, the owner of Allen Whole Health Dentistry in Allen, Texas, has written a book called Whole Health Dentistry: Why Your Mouth Is the Key to Your Body’s Health.


Case Reports

Athlete’s Circadian Phenotypes Impact Athletic Competition Outcomes

The outcome of that big sporting event you just can’t wait to watch may depend on how the timing of the match aligns (or doesn’t) with the internal biological clocks of the athletes on the teams, according to a study reported today in the Cell Press journal Current Biology. Athletes and coaches would do well to make note and adjust their schedules accordingly, the researchers say.