A preliminary study suggests that emotional stress builds when REM is disturbed, reports HealthDay.
PoliceOne.com asks: How safe do you feel knowing your backup officer hasn’t had a restful night’s sleep in weeks and is struggling to stay awake?
false confession
Sleep-deprived people are much more likely to sign false confessions than rested individuals, according to a groundbreaking study that has important implications for police interrogation practices.
Advanced Brain Technologies (ABT) is partnering with Pathways for Veterans to offer its neuroscience-based music programs for brain training to help provide relief to veterans suffering from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), anxiety, and insomnia.
New research suggests that acupuncture may offer relief to women with menopause-related sleep problems, as reported by WBUR.
Helen J. Burgess, PhD, discusses the results of a recent study with MedicalResearch.com that showed a home kit can assess a patient's dim light melatonin onset.
From lack of awareness to physician examination, a Consumer Reports article discusses why sleep disorders may not be diagnosed and offers tips for diagnosis and testing.
The non-profit Sweet Dreamzzz brought its Parent Sleep Education Workshop to educate parents on the importance of sleep to a pre-school in Michigan, as reported by the Farmington Voice.
People with sleep apnea also often report problems with thinking, such as poor concentration, difficulty with memory and decision-making, depression, and stress.
low oxygen
Scientists have gained fresh insights into the signals that regulate breathing during when oxygen levels are low, which could have implications for patients with central sleep apnea or could help people adapt to sleeping at higher altitudes.
Patrick Fuller, associate professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School told Tech Insider: "People throw that word around, but most cases of insomnia are not primary insomnia."
Study Suggests Surgical Residents Can Safely Work Longer Shifts
The study in the New England Journal of Medicine comes as the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education is reassessing requirements that prevent residents from working extremely long stretches or back-to-back shifts, reports NPR.
A BrainBlogger writer asks: What accounts for the discrepancy between guidelines and clinical practice?
State agencies in Connecticut are coming together to educate and promote awareness of safe sleep practices for babies, according to News 8.
heart health and sleep
A US News & World Report examines the connection between heart health and sleep apnea, insomnia, and sleep duration.
A report from New Jersey 101.5 discusses the issue of getting children to sleep alone and offers practical solutions for parents.
Amari Cooper
Professional football player Amari Cooper discusses the secrets of his recent success, including sleep and naps, with The Huffington Post.
A Bel Marra Health report examines the link between multiple sclerosis-related fatigue and poor sleep.
A report from The Journal indicates that a study has confirmed positive outcomes from later school start times, including improvements in tardiness and disciplinary violations.
A new light therapy can speed up how quickly people adapt to a new time zone, reports Fortune.