A University of Oxford professor says lack of sleep is damaging the nation and compares the harm it can cause to smoking, according to The Telegraph.
Researchers at the University of Florida will conduct a pediatric study to examine the efficacy of a non-medication sleep treatment program for overweight children, as reported by News4Jax.
A Tech Times report examines the different conditions linked to sleep apnea, including migraines and panic disorder.
A USA Today news report explores the importance of sleep for children and teens.
A new program called Sleep Sense aims to teach parents strategy and tips to help their infant sleep, as reported by The Advocate.
According to the Daily Mail, FEMAIL gathered sleep experts to share their tips for better sleep.
A KY3 news report discusses how FitBit data prompted a Springfield, Mo, woman to join a sleep study and improve her sleep.
The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) is launching a Sleep Technology Council, a group whose mission will be to support and enable innovations in consumer sleep technology.
Better sleep could mean better performance for the athletes of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA).
sleep memory
Sleeping not only protects memories from being forgotten, it also makes them easier to access, according to new research from the University of Exeter and the Basque Centre for Cognition, Brain and Language.
Many new mothers do not receive advice from physicians on aspects of infant care such as sleep position, breastfeeding, immunization, and pacifier use, according to a study funded by the National Institutes of Health.
brain and sleep
USC Dornsife neuroscientists and USC Viterbi engineers are trying to uncover what happens in the brain during sleep, as reported by Medical Xpress.
A report from The Daily Chronic indicates that patients with sleep disorders have found relief from the ingestion of different strains of cannabis.
According to Medical Xpress, a new study shows that new mothers are not receiving vital advice from physicians on infant care, including safe sleep tips.
A news report from The Telegraph explores the impact of sleep on memory.
New research documents that acupuncture and herbs are effective in the relief of insomnia, as reported by HealthCMi.
An Allure magazine report notes that changing sleep patterns may help reduce anxiety.
A USA Today report examines the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia and the studies that support the use of this therapy for treatment.
Brugarolas Award
Rita Brugarolas and Jose Manuel Valero-Sarmiento, ASSIST PhD students in Electrical Engineering and research assistants in the iBionics Laboratory at North Carolina State University, conceived a novel idea: an auto-titrating oral appliance for at home use.
Sleep apnea patients and sleep physicians speak to Everyday Health.