The Business Insider explores the issue of sleep and age.
A report from the Optometry Times investigates the impact of sleep apnea on the eye.
digital rhythm
Over the past decade, there has been a surge of scientific studies on the digital activity of people, such as making mobile calls, texting, e-mailing, and posting on social media.
According to The Cordova Times, a study of commercial fishermen designed to develop health risk appraisal protocols examined health issues such as sleep. fatigue, and hearing loss.
The findings of a new study give Jasper County, Texas, the distinction of being the most sleep-deprived county in the US, according to a Mic news report.
Rhythmic expression of key genes is essential for maintaining proper timekeeping of the body's clock. In addition, rhythmic degradation of clockwork proteins is also crucial. However, surprisingly, researchers know little about these specific processes.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited announced at its investor day in Sydney the introduction of the F&P Eson 2 nasal mask for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.
seasonal narcolepsy
Emerging research supports the theory that the onset of narcolepsy is more common at certain times of year.
Nine young scientists have received First Award Fellowships from the National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI). Through this program, they will conduct one year research projects with the eventual aim of protecting astronaut health during long-duration spaceflight.
ResMed has completed the previously announced acquisition of Curative Medical, a provider of non-invasive ventilation and sleep-disordered breathing medical devices and accessories.
A study finds that seniors with sleep breathing issues often have high blood sugar and may be almost twice as likely as sound sleepers to develop type 2 diabetes, reports Reuters.
Service dogs can help veterans with sleep disorders, reports Capital Journal.
Patients with CVI complain about skin changes, restless legs, and dilation of superficial veins, reports
A report from The Huffington Post details the new technology from automakers designed to prevent drowsy driving and help keep drivers alert.
A report from The Guardian examines the varied sleeping pattern of biphasic sleeping.
sleep occupational therapy
Bridging the gap between these two disciplines will maximize outcomes for pediatric patients.
marketing sleep services
What do you want your sleep center or sleep medicine practice to look like in 5 years? A sleep center management expert shares timely advice on how to get there.
Labor organization efforts in competitive gaming are really about letting players rest, reports InVerse.
UCHealth's University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) opens its new multidisciplinary program—the Center for Lungs and Breathing, designed to provide expert, integrated patient care.
Sleeping in the same room with an infant—even one not in your bed—can be tiring, reports NPR.