A writer for The Good Men Project believes if he could have known what we know now about sleeping better, his father could have had a better chance of living longer.
"Sundowning" is used to describe erratic nighttime behavior but there is little scientific consensus as to exactly what it is, reports WBUR.
A recently published study in the Journal of Glaucoma shows that obstructive sleep apnea may be a risk factor for glaucoma, as reported by Healio.
A study has shown that partners who sleep on the right side of the bed are more likely to be grumpy in the morning, according to the Mirror.
From increasing the risk of Alzheimer's disease to a sleep hangover, a Bustle report details the possible risks of sleeping in on the weekend.
A report from Harvard Medical School reveals that people who get too much or too little sleep are more likely to show early signs of heart disease.
A Reuters news report indicates that there may be possible drawbacks to allowing your pet to sleep with you, including disrupted sleep.
A research review suggests that patients with sleep apnea who are tired during the day because they can’t wear a CPAP mask all night to keep their airways open may be able to reduce daytime sleepiness by using a dental device instead, Reuters reports.
Experts in Colorado say screen time with television and video games could be making sleep disorders like night terrors worse in children, reports ABC7.
A meta-analysis of dozens of studies of traditional Chinese medicine and other nonpharmacological interventions meant to improve patients’ quality of life affirms that these approaches, on the whole, help alleviate insomnia, depression, fatigue, pain, anxiety, and gastrointestinal problems in Chinese cancer patients.
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Monday mornings could be harmful to your health. Even routine sleep changes such as waking up early for work during the week may raise the risk of developing metabolic problems such as diabetes and heart disease, according to a study.
According to US News & World Report, sleep is essential in a runner's training plan and can help improve performance.
Although the severity of obstructive sleep apnea is one of the risk factors for erectile dysfunction, the depression is likely to have a bigger impact, reports Reuters.
Schools Week reports that the international Teensleep study is looking for schools to participate in a study on later school start times.
According to HNGN, two studies reveal that night owls tend to be smarter and more more creative.
The New York Times reports that a majority of deaths of firefighters are caused by heart attacks and traffic accidents, and sleep disorders may be a contributing factor.
After allegedly trying to open an exit door on an international flight, the passenger's lawyer is reporting the woman took Ambien and does not recall the incident, according to CBS Boston.
For the Good Morning America 40th anniversary, Dan Childs has volunteered to stay awake for 40 hours to demonstrate the effects of sleep deprivation, as reported by ABC News.
One case report recently published in the Journal of Thoracic Disease describes the benefits of addressing sleep-breathing disorders in heart failure patients, reports Pharmacy Times.
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A Huffington Post news report takes a look at sleep trends across the United States and the different factors that can impact sleep, such as gender and age.